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    Be It  MID-Winter  or  MID-Summer  The Below  LINKS Are  Of Interest To Those Of   YOU  Who May Be Going Out On  Snowmobiles  or  Boating  Which Ever Season  Is  Upon Us.

MN. DNR Weather LINK

No. Dak.  Weather  LINK


www.VanityHQ.com          This Is Really A NICE Site..

www.RogerWendell.com        WB0JNR  Tribute To  CW Operators..

CQ On The Cover             WØZOK Gene In CQ Magazine

K5LAD - Jim's Jumpin' Junque    Fix Bird Slugs & CDR Rotors

Your Own Ham Domain     WB4AEJ    --HELP--Getting YOUR Own-- .COM

        NORTH  DAKOTA   Amateur  Radio  Clubs

www.thecdarc.org     Bismark Amateur Radio Club 

www.wa0jxt.org    Grand Forks  No. Dakota   ARC 

www.qsl.net/w0fx   Jamestown  ARC

http://www.w0hsc.ndsu.nodak.edu    No. Dak. State U.

www.k0ln.com   No. Dakota Radio Assoc

www.rrra.org    Red River Radio Amateurs, Inc 

www.qsl.net/svarc/new.htm   Souris Valley ARC

www.qsl.net/k0alv   Theodore Roosevelt ARC

www.wb0gah.tripod.com    Three Rivers ARC 




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